Dec 16, 2011

culture of disapproval

you know what’s our problem? you know what’s my problem? i’m too afraid. afraid of so many things, afraid of too many things. all my life i grew up afraid of the slap on the wrists. my life revolved around doing the right things in life. i was sheltered as a kid. too sheltered. overprotected. i never took public transport until i was in secondary school. and even then i had to beg my parents to please let me take the bus.

we were taught to do good, you want to always do good. but now i realized how difficult it is to do good. you want to do something, achieve great things, change a life. but it’s not easy. you can have all the drive in the world, but you still cant put desire into action. you cannot do good. it’s not easy. even compassion. 

compassion. everyone says its a desired virtue. but not many have it. even if they do, their compassion lasts to the extent of their own comfort. once they have to venture out, they withhold their compassion. let someone else do it. even if there’s a life at stake.

i have all the love in the world to give. there was once i thought i couldn’t love anymore. but He healed me. he did too. you know, j. i try to give my love to those in need. but i cant just love anything. i try to love the maimed, the sick, the unwanted. animals, i mean. you say, humans need your love more. i disagree. 

it just irks me you know. until now, i never thought that one could have ‘too much’ compassion. but that’s what they said about me. they said i should have a limit. a limit. why? why should there be a limit on my compassion if there is NO LIMIT to the cruelty around me?

teens blew off a german shepherd’s mouth with fireworks. it was maimed, injured, and finally put down because vets couldn’t reconstruct its face. we keep animals that aren’t suited to captivity in captivity. we slaughter animals in a most inhumane way. i’m not asking everyone to go vegan. even i havent reached that stage yet. but i dont understand why we cannot do so humanely. God put Adam & Eve in charge of the garden of eden. but He said only to take what we need. animals are still God’s creation. we are part of the circle of life, the food chain. but we need to be humane about it. we cannot brand cows on their faces. we cannot saw off their horns. we cannot pile them into trucks with no room for movement. we leave them sick, dying, injured. 

its worse when people tell me. dont post up gruesome pictures. it helps noone. it helps nothing. but you know what. for you to tell me that.. IT HAS HELPED. it has spread awareness. just because you dont want to see morbid images of a maggot-infested wound on a dog (human-inflicted), just because you dont want to know how a dog got dragged behind a moving car.. IT DOESNT MEAN THAT THESE THINGS DONT EXIST.

world, i’m tired. but i will not stop fighting for them. because they don’t have a voice. and we, the people with the brains, the people with a heart… we do things that is simply mind-boggling. we do things that even animals dont do to each other. torture, the cruelty. why??????????

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